Phoenix partnership flying high!

As a company, we’re very conscious of the environment we’re in and take an interest in making the world a better place in future. We’re starting to implement into the businesses we also work with - since 2012, we’ve been in partnership with the excellent Phoenix Taxis. What makes Phoenix so special is that the Blyth-based company are the largest green taxi firm in the UK. Quite a feat.

We went along to the Phoenix offices and met Alex Hurst, Managing Director (pictured), recently, to deliver our latest low emission vehicles. Phoenix have been running hybrids since 2012 and boast the Prius, Prius+ and Auris as part of their fleet. Of course, being green isn’t the only remit for a taxi service, customer comfort and reliability are of the utmost importance – so it’s a good thing Toyota hybrids offer all of the above!

As many of you fellow North-Easterners will know, Phoenix haven’t always had this mindset for the business. There was a shift in culture and philosophy, shortly after the turn of the noughties, and the company began to move towards a green focus. The benefits haven’t been purely moral, however, as Alex has found out – the pros are simple:

  • Hybrid vehicles have a very good MPG rate
  • Drivers save around £30 a week on fuel
  • The vehicles are exceptionally reliable, meaning less resource cost on other fixes etc.

As for the future, it looks like Phoenix are planning to get even greener, by adding more plug-in electric vehicles to their fleet (which currently stands at 1). As for ourselves, we’ve recently started to make big interior changes to our showrooms (with the intention of lowering our footprint). At the beginning of 2015, we installed thousands of LED lights, to replace our old lighting. This new system saves a lot on power and is just the beginning of Hodgson going green.


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