Hodgson Toyota Staff Running the GNR for Cash for Kids

We're all raising money to support Metro Radio Cash for Kids in the North East so they can make a real difference to the lives of local children and young people.

Everything raised in our area stays in our area, with a focus on alleviating poverty, supporting disability and improving quality of life. Any amount you care to give is very much appreciated. After you sponsor me, it would be great if you could leave me a photo or video support message too!

We are extremely lucky to have some really great proactive staff members that always take time out and help on charity initiatives and we decided as a business to group together all our efforts and directly help children in our region, with our own ‘Hodgson’ projects with Cash For Kids. Projects we can directly help to choose and make a difference through our own efforts be that raising money or donating our time or resources.

Cash For Kids is an amazing charity with equally amazing people working there and with an almost impossible job of trying to help as many children and parents as possible. What is so important to mention is that Cash For Kids gives 80p of every £1 to the people who need it most. Secondly, we can help them to deliver all money raised directly to local children in Gateshead & Newcastle.

Now in training David Hill & Stuart Moody  are all slipping on the CFK vests and aiming to raise £1000. Please Please help them if you can. The Veteran runners have started the training and are currently dusting the cob webs off their running kit as we speak. There will be buckets in showroom and sponsorship forms floating about until the race so please help if you can!

Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will provide much needed assistance to the fantastic efforts of Cash for Kids.  Please follow the link to make your donation online. https://www.cashforkidsgive.co.uk/campaign/great-north-run-2018-metro-radio/fundraisers/hodgson-motor-group//37881/

As always if you fancy joining in on any of these events give us a call or email the Marketing Department d.jarvis@hodgson-newcastle.com


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